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   Dec 24

Welcome To The Clean Conceptual Blog!

Business hand hold rising green graphThank you for taking the time to visit our page and find out what we are all about. Within the last century our world has evolved from an industrial age to the digital age. While this is true, we would argue that the digital age hasn’t replaced the industrial age, but rather has taken it to the next level. Industry leaders and many of our partners recognize that the industrial age will never truly go away, and while the revolutionary strides we are making with technology are expanding virtual markets, those who fail to harness this same power to improve industrial equipment are being left behind (and that includes those in the textile and garment industry!)

It’s no secret that we at Clean Conceptual LLC make a concerted effort to keep in mind the future of our environment in our business (Our clean concepts are indeed “green concepts”. We have been led the effort in our area and have set an example for dry cleaners everywhere who purchase our equipment. Whether our customers are interested in the finest tensioning units we have available, or one of our older models that are more cost effective,  they know that they are getting a green, environmentally friendly product of the best quality that competes with anything they can find on the European market.

Those who work closely with us know that we begin our sales process by showing intricate layouts and drawings of our dry cleaning equipment. We run through the workflow cycles so as to show how our tensioning units, finish boards, and strong built-in vacuums help to make your jobs as efficient as possible (if you are wondering, of course we utilize the up-air method). We have been re-tooling our equipment for over a and we provide our customer with free hands on training, so that there is never any questions about how to clean and dry any type of laundry garments (including pants, shirts, ties, suits, and any other type of common garment you can think of). They learn how to create sharp creases  and deal with finer cloth like silk. They are taught  to adjust tension to the perfect levels so as to leave no seam impressions.

If you are interested in forming a partnership with us, or you just have some general questions, you can use our contact form on the “Contact Us” Page of this blog. You can also use this method to contact us if you are interested in purchasing replacement dryer parts instead of complete equipment units. We regularly read up on EPA tips for cleaner and healthier future. We’ve done our best to incorporate these tips within our machine manufacturing process and also within our office environment.  We look forward to woking with you and are excited to share some of the green concepts and ideas that we’ve been thinking about lately within our business.



   Jan 27

Energy Consumption in the Textile Industry

Computer System Energy ConsumptionAs a society, we now seem dependent on computers. In almost every facet of our lives, there is a computer, somewhere, controlling and organizing, instructing both machines and humans on how best to do their job. When most people think of the textile industry, they seem to have an idea in their head reminiscent of the industrial revolution, of many old women gathered around a loom as they thread together a blanket. The truth is that the modern manufacturing process is handled by computers to a huge degree. Doing this allows for a consistency in the work and means that every aspect of the manufacturing process can run smoothly, and that our dry cleaning equipment exceeds our quality assurance inspections.

The computer set up in the textile and garment industry can even be quite complicated (and probably is a little bit more so at Clean Concepts than others). Not only do many of the machines contain dedicated programming and specially designed computer parts, but the entire back office is reliant on computer servers in order to function properly. When it comes to liaising with clients and getting the best from the many communications devices, a properly networked computer system can reduce the workload placed on the many workers in the industry. Not only are manufacturers and clients able to communicate more effectively thanks to email and voice over internet protocol telephoning, but designs and patterns can be shared via the web, and then be uploaded to the machines to be manufactured straight away.

The ability to take a design from the internet (whether it is something sent by a client or something commissioned from a designer) and upload it almost instantly into the textile and garment manufacturing machines has had a big impact on the ease with which the industry can fulfill orders. By being able to make garment machine products on demand, and exactly to a client’s specifications industry leaders, factory owners and clients themselves are all happier with the ease which modern computing systems bring to their lives. However, the downside of having an entirely networked system is that the machines and the computers can typically use a large amount of energy. When a company is searching to reduce costs, as well as prescribe to certain moral environmental obligations, the ability to go green’ is hugely appreciated.

As such, it was with great delight when an IT company is able to help with the process of moving towards an environmentally friendly office and work space. There are several key aspects which our IT Company was able to focus on which had a large effect on lowering energy costs and the company’s carbon footprint. One of their first steps was to create a usage schedule for office equipment; when not in use, leaving a device on full power can have a huge energy impact. As such, making sure that certain machinery is switched off when not needed is the first step towards finding the best ways to reduce consumption. Similarly, Article 1 of their report listed the devices in the office which were fitted with an in-built energy saving mode, which allowed many devices to operate in a more energy efficient manner, without encroaching on usability. As well as this, there were many more suggestions listed, ones which have had a large impact on our energy bill and our commitment to getting the company running in the most energy efficient manner possible.


   Jan 15

Conserving Energy and Office Costs

4034037449_798a3eeaccWe’ve spoken numerous times about the innovations we’ve made in our products, including our tensioning units, to help cut down the amount of energy used in our business every step of the way. Quite frankly we’ve implemented such innovations not only for environmental reasons, but also for expense purposes. Everyone knows that the less electricity you use, the less money you will be required to give to the utility company at the end of the month. So we help cut down on our business expenses by conserving energy.

A funny things starts to happen when you take the steps of becoming more environmentally friendly. You see, the first step in learning to conserve is identifying areas of your daily routine, whether in the business place or in your personal life. Sometimes these areas are not immediately visible. It takes a careful eye and a bit of research in order to identify areas where we can cut back. It is such an intense process that we have actually hired a person to do this full time for us. We soon learned that such a keen eye was beneficial in more areas of business than just energy consumption. We suspect that others may have seen this in their business or homes, but looking for way to save energy always inevitably is linked to looking for ways to conserve money.

Let’s explain. The skill of looking for places where excess energy is being used often translates over quote naturally into looking for other areas of excess spending. We didn’t this right away, but soon after we had made some major changes to production lines, and there weren’t any “big” changes that were obvious to make, our “energy-conserving” employee began coming to us with other areas that he had found where overconsumption and overspending was occurring.

It may not be so apparent at home, but the little things really do add and more so in a business. Things like office products which also tend to be home products as well  were the next thing we began looking at. Reams of paper, printer ink, and ballpoint pens were some of the products that we began looking at. We found that for many of these things we were grossly overspending. We compared the different types and prices of office products, and ended up switching the brand of writing utensils that we were using in our corporate office.

For many of our top level managers, we did away with disposable pens all together. We purchased what we consider to be best ink reservoir pens in the world. We now buy bottle ink for these fountain pens, so that we aren’t unnecessarily wasting the plastic refills that we were using previously. This not only cuts down on costs, but also on our waste. While saving two or three cents per pen might not make sense for you at home, for us it added especially when we were purchasing these pens by the thousand each month. The idea that we impressed upon ourselves was that every penny counted, and this reflected in the behavior of our employees. Not only did we cut costs on our office pens, but also on 70% of all of our inventory. Being nit-picky about the little things, like turning off the lights or saving a few cents when you get the chance doesn’t have significant results the first time your do it, but overtime the behavior you instill in yourself will help you save BIG TIME in the long run.

   Jan 15

Caring About The World Around You

5339450226_8d8f505e9eObi-Wan Kenobi said it best when he told the Gungans, “You and the Naboo form a symbiont circle. What happens to one of you will affect the other. You must understand this.” Admittedly this is a super-nerdy reference, but the principle is dead on. We all live in the same world and the choices we make affect everyone around us.

Now this has obvious implications for the clean concepts of going green that we discuss on this blog nearly every post. So lets take a few minutes and think this through. What benefit does conserving energy and preserving the planet have for us? Well when we who make business decision decide to lessen our carbon footprint or manufacture efficient industrial equipment, we help the environment around us. There are a limited amount of some types of resources and lowering our consumption helps keep the prices on those resources lower. When we choose not to pollute the planet, we help ensure the health of wildlife and the flora and fauna in the area around us. This in turn gives us a more pleasant environment to live in. The concept is simple. When we help others we inevitably help ourselves.

The idea of benefitting from our kind actions towards others is nothing new. This is essentially the concepts of Karma. Many religions have taught this idea for centuries, but there are many today that are still ignorant as to the truth of it. In all honesty this is the reason that we, as a manufacturing company in the garment and textiles industry, strive to incorporate “Clean Concepts.”

While becoming environmentally friendly is a big part of living by this ideology, it is far from the end. We also strive to incorporate this mantra into our business practices. We always treat our business partners with the utmost level of respect and honesty, knowing that we will be treated the same. Not just this but we extend this principle to our employees.

We know who helps bring in our money and keep our customers happy. We try to provide very fair compensation and benefit packages for our employees, and we have the best in the industry! We know that by treating our employees fairly, our company will surely benefit. At other companies we’ve heard of employees being scared to ask for time off especially when they need to take a sick day. We realize that falling ill is just part of life. Not only do we encourage our employees not to come to work when sick, when we find out that an employee is under the weather, we send out a “get well soon” package to them. The packages normally contain a note wishing the sick employee a quick recovery. It’s no secret that when you have the flu, or an illness with contagious symptoms that you are likely to spread it to coworkers. It’s baffling to us why any employer would do anything else.

Other of course can do what they please, but at Clean Concepts LLC we are always looking for new ways to give to any individuals that we regularly are in contact with. We know from experience that in the end we will always get ten fold of what we give.

   Jan 08

Manufacturing Makeup

Manufacturing MakeupMost of you might ask yourselves, “what does a laundry equipment manufacturing company know about manufacturing makeup?” Well perhaps it’s more than you think.

Now of course we may not know everything about the specific ingredients used by different companies in their makeup products, but we do know a lot about manufacturing equipment. Often heavy machinery equipment used by manufacturing companies is used across many different industries. While we may not know everything about products outside of the textile industry, we do keep close tabs on other companies (regardless of the industry) who are also dedicated to making a concerted effort in helping the environment and creating a better future. We do this so that we can recommend to our employees, partners, and customers other services and products that are worthy of their money.

Two such companies that we’ve come across lately are Estee Lauder and Nars. These companies are industry leaders in their own right in the field of cosmetics. Both have established very reputable makeup lines and have large consumer followings. Many of the female employees who use their products have attested to us of the quality with which they put into their foundation, blush, moisturizers, and other makeup products. So what is so special about Estee Lauder and Nars products? Well for one their reputation is world wide. They’ve been featured countless times on the internet and their products come strongly recommended from many beauty websites. Aside from this, in the process of creating solid makeup products they have found a way to manufacture and test many of their product lines in such a way as to cut down not only production costs, but they amount of energy expended per product. Not only this but in many of their foundation and blush product lines they promote all natural solutions and ingredients. Of course this helps to cut down on the number of after-waste toxins that are created in such products, but this also is of benefit to the customer who suffer from dry or oily facial skin. Natural products tend to be more gentle on the skin and as such can help to relieve chronically dry skin, or help lessen the over production of oils in oily skin.

Their products are also eco-friendly in that they do not test their makeup products on poor unsuspecting animals. Often times companies who do resort to animal testing have such animals living in very stressful conditions. They test out untested products on these helpless creatures without even knowing what effects to expect. Then they simple kill and dispose of the animals when finished.

We applaud the Estee Lauder and Nars corporations in joining in the global effort to make our world a better place. They have found a way to do this by respecting animal rights, lessening their carbon footprint, and being innovative in finding new ways to promote all natural makeup products. All the while they are able to do these things without having to compromise success or their bottom line. We feel confident that much of their success is do to their environmentally conscious business mindset. Great job guys!

   Dec 27

Going Green By Sleeping More?

Time To Get Up With A Cup Of Coffee Early In The MorningIt’s true that most of the time, you would associate sleeping as a step to conserve energy and improve efficiency, but here at Clean Conceptual we understand the necessity for sleep in order to achieve efficiency not only in the workplace, but also at home. From an industrial take part of the concept of going green is maximizing efficiency with the least amount of energy possible. By conserving energy you conserve money, natural resources, and manpower. Any business will seek to incorporate this into their business model as much as possible. For example if we can build our tensioning machines in a streamlined fashion that minimizes waste materials and requires less labor, then we improve our profits and we help better the economy and environment. Of course we would never forsake quality for efficiency.

So how does this apply to sleep? We encourage all of our employees to go to be earlier than the status quo, so as to ensure a full night’s sleep. We do have a number of employees that have admitted to us that they do have a hard time going to sleep at night. This has obvious benefits to it when you think about it. Of course we want our employees to be well rested before coming into work. We usually recommend them to try out different methods of falling asleep quicker. As you can imagine manufacturing dry cleaning equipment requires the use of heavy machinery in our production lines. So it’s a no brainer that we don’t want employees operating heavy equipment while drowsy. There are efficiency benefits as well. I’m sure most of you who have laundry or garment related businesses understand the benefits of having awake and alert employees. That’s not all! Did you know that people who get enough rest tend to be more environmentally conscious? While it’s not a guarantee, the very act of not staying up late usually saves energy. Let’s walk through this. What do most people do that either causes them to stay up past then they go to bed? Watching TV, playing video games, or just surfing the web are the most common activities that prevent or put-off sleep. If people were to go to be earlier, they would be on their TVs, computers, and smartphones less. All of these devices require energy, and by using them less, less energy is consumed. So the very act of going to sleep earlier, not only helps to conserve physical energy in our bodies, but reduces our energy consumption as well.

In reality how much energy are we going to save by going to bed earlier? Perhaps one person using their electrical devices for one hour less each day, may not make a huge difference all at once. But each year that’s 365 hours of energy consumption reduced. Now imaging if everyone did that. With each person the amount of energy conserved multiplies. We offer incentives for our employees who strive to follow our green guidelines, and we’ve had some of them tell us what a difference it’s made in their monthly electricity bills. Even if you don’t do it for the environmental benefits, doing it for the monetary or other benefits still achieves the same results.

   Dec 26

Which Businesses Use Our Laundry Equipment?

folder_ironerAs some of you may know, our corporate offices are located in MN. Knowing that, some people might think that the majority of our business comes from the state of Minnesota or even the Midwestern United States. If this would be your assumption, surprisingly you would be wrong. Thankfully, due to the globalization of most markets, the world is our oyster. Many people think we are joking when we tell them that we are actually one of the industrial leaders for laundry and dry-cleaning in a number of European nations.

When you think about the laundry equipment that we manufacturer, you probably just think of the hundreds or laundry mats and dry cleaners found throughout major US cities. You may be interested to know that, while those types of companies do make up a sizable percentage of our clientele base, there are many other businesses that you might not think of that tend to be very interested in the equipment we provide.

Hotels, resorts, and spas all over the world work very closely with us, and actually make up the majority of our overall sales. In fact, many of the improvements we have made to our machines over the years have been a direct result of their input in perfecting the efficiency of our equipment. The majority of our sales for the year of 2013 actually came from the small resort city of Park City, UT. Not only was 2013 a record-breaking year for us in terms of revenue, but Park City broke the record last year for number of sales coming from one city.

As some of you know Park City is located very close to Sundance, UT where the Sundance Film Festival is held. The mountainous country out there is beautiful. People from all over the world flock to the Wasatch Mountains each year for a relaxing vacation, or to do some great skiing. Those looking to visit park city usually end up at these resorts for an extended stay. In fact it’s not just resorts that use our equipment, but some of the larger property management companies in the area who manage short term rentals, PMI Summit, have purchased our dry cleaning machines so that they can provide the same resort perks as part of their vacation rental package.

When we first got into this business, we also failed to recognize the market for which our services would be needed and we never would have dreamed that we would ever have our services expand outside of the state line of Minnesota. So what does this have to do with “Going Green”? We sometimes tend to forget just how big of an impact our choices make on the world. We never would have dreamed that we would set the industry bar for our market in any area. Because we took the time and performed the research so that our equipment could be as energy-efficient as possible, we are now effecting energy efficiency world wide. From Park City in Summit County, UT, U.S.A to Brussels, Belgium we are making a difference, and so can you. Everything starts small, and often becomes much larger that you had ever anticipated. Your choices snowball and affect your environment for better or worse. So make the right choices today, that will lead to a better tomorrow.